Sherry is a sweet girl and in spite of her age she is quite energetic and enjoys a good walk. She is friendly with people and most other dogs.




Swatch is a female ‘tal-kacca’ mix. She is very energetic and needs her daily exercise. She is good with people and other dogs.



Benji really loves treats. He is a sweet dog but it’s best not to startle him or corner him…He may not be the best dog to have around kids.



Troy is about 9-10 years old. He likes to walk but not too far, sometimes he decides to bark at passing cars. He is not very friendly with other dogs. Troy loves treats and it shows…we like to call him ‘fat boy Troy’!

Censu & Peppi



Peppi (black and white fox terrier type) is an adorable dog, he was a stray dog and quite aggressive but after being rescued and brought to Noah’s ark his life changed! Now he is no longer aggressive and a really sweet animal! Just one thing he is an escape artist, eats through his harness in minutes!!

Censu (brown face) is a farmer’s dog but was mistreated and came to us in a terrified state. In just a couple of weeks he is much more relaxed and a complete sweet heart. He has also become friends with Peppi and they are now living in the same pen! They love to play together and have bonded a lot!