She may look a bit chunky and not too young but loves to walk and can go on for miles.




Sherry is a sweet girl and in spite of her age she is quite energetic and enjoys a good walk. She is friendly with people and most other dogs.

Petra & Romina

These 2 are brand new at the Ark! They are 6 year old sisters, tal-Fenek mixes. They are good with other dogs and great with people. Petra is the bolder one and loves to play. On the other hand, Romina is rather timid. They love to be cuddled and are fun to walk since they are quiet on the leash.



Swatch is a female ‘tal-kacca’ mix. She is very energetic and needs her daily exercise. She is good with people and other dogs.



Benji really loves treats. He is a sweet dog but it’s best not to startle him or corner him…He may not be the best dog to have around kids.