Everyone, meet our darling MANA!

Mana came to the ark after spending her life in a carpenter’s yard. She is around 9/10 years old and loves nothing more than lots of cuddles and ear rubs. Her favourite thing in the world is a nice shower where she simply closes her eyes and enjoys every minute of it. She has stolen the heart of one of our star volunteers, Rachael Mcculloch
who rushes to see her every Sunday and whom Mana greats with a waggling tail and a cute little jumpy wiggle.

Mana would be perfect for anyone looking to have just that one, easy dog whom they can spoil away. She is not so good with other dogs, as she prefers all human attention on her, but on the whole, Mana is quite an easy dog. She is easy to walk and will often make do with short, easy walks.



Look at this smiley little lady. Mia is happy, loving and affectionate 4 year old Pitbull/Staffy who loves a big cuddle. If you sit down with her, she takes every opportunity to lick every inch of your face and ears. What better facial could a girl want?!



Check out this handsome fella 😍 Gigi is an energetic boy with loads of character and lots of love to give. He loves going for walks with other dogs and humans of course 😉
He is great with kids and ok with other dogs,but gets jealous over food and cuddles. Who doesn’t?!
Of course he is chipped and neutered and about 4 years old.



All the dogs at Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary, Malta are special, but this one in particular is a HERO!

Meet PIPPIN … a 7/8 year old tal-fenek mix. Pippin is literally a life-saver. He is the one we turn to for blood donations and with that he has saved a number of dogs … some of them that are not even at the sanctuary. Yet he never complains, but on the contrary, he is always happy to see us and new people. He also got to meet the President!

Pippin came to us after his previous owners seperated 😦 Pity, as he is quite an easy dog to have. He loves his walks, in fact he walks quite well on the lead, but would be super happy with someone willing to spend the day spoiling him rotten with cuddles, kisses and treats.



This tal-kacca pup is not more than 1 and a half years old. He is super friendly and very energetic … who can blame him? He is still a young pup! Pong loves his daily walks and cuddles. If given the chance, Pong will make an excellent family dog to anyone willing to train him and take him out on adventures.

Pong is chipped and neutered.




Judy is a miracle dog, surviving a stroke and horrific ear infection, she is now back on her feet. She is now permanently wobbly, but she is mightily determined on coming for a walk , just take it slowly for her.
Judy is about 8 years old, great with other dogs and kids.


Shelley is a lovely girl of about 8 years who is very enthusiastic about going for walks, so needs a little lead training.
She is chipped and neutered.



This little boy is Ray. He is a 4 year old blind Tal -Fenek.
He may be blind but he walks on the lead like a dream and trusts you to guide him on his walks.
Ray is really affectionate and loving so who loves his ears and belly being rubbed.
He goes crazy for treats when you have them, so there is definitely nothing wrong with his sense of smell 😀


KATIE, our friendly, cheeful brindle looking girl. She is about 5 years old, but still young at heart. Loves to play and gets super excited when its time for her walks. She is good with other dogs … in fact she shares her pen with 4 other ladies and goes out in the run with dogs from other pens every morning.

When taken for a home trial, the owner said that Katie settled in very well. She was quite calm and well behaved. Sadly the owner sufferred from strong allergies and had to return Katie 😦

Katie is currently at Noah’s Ark eagerly waiting for that special someone who could take her out on walks, cuddle and play with her, and give her a quiet and peaceful environment at the same time. She is neutered and chipped.



Roy, this lovely boy will hypnotize you with his beautiful eyes to get all your treats. 😉 He looks big and strong and you wouldn’t guess that he has such a super sweet and calm character.

He is super easy to walk and is not pulling – the only thing he wants is to sniff around and to get his daily exercise in a very relaxed speed.

Roy is not a trouble maker at all… even when he would definitely prefer to be the only prince in his new family (he is not good with other animals), outside on the leash he is passing other dogs without a comment.

We don’t know why but he is already quite a long time at the sanctuary… maybe his beautiful eyes attract at first but his size scares? 😦

However we are still sure we will find the perfect family for him. So please share this gently “giant” to finally find him a home.